Discovering AutoCAD 2020 (Paperback)

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Designed for introductory AutoCAD users, Discovering AutoCAD 2020 presents a hands-on, activity-based approach to the use of AutoCAD 2020 as a drafting tool--complete with techniques, tips, shortcuts, and insights that improve efficiency. Topics and tasks are carefully grouped to lead students logically through the AutoCAD command set, with the level of difficulty increasing steadily as skills are acquired through experience and practice. Straightforward explanations focus on what is relevant to actual drawing procedures, and illustrations show exactly what to expect on the computer screen. This edition features updates for the latest release of AutoCAD 2020, projects, and test questions for each chapter.

  • Lessons are broken down into tasks listed at the beginning of each section, introducing students to the AutoCAD commands using a structured, intuitive approach and helping students anticipate what information will be needed at each new phase of the learning process.
  • General Procedure boxes appear as new commands are introduced, providing a simple overview of basic command sequences in a step-by-step format.
  • Detailed graphics appear throughout the text, demonstrating what students should expect to see on their screens and encouraging self-paced study.
  • Drawing problems appear at the end of each chapter, helping students apply newly learned techniques immediately to realistic drawing situations. This includes drawing suggestions, timesaving tips, and explanations of how to use techniques in actual situations.
  • Working drawings accompany the end-of-chapter drawing problems, appearing in a large, clearly dimensioned format on each right-hand page, with drawing suggestions on the accompanying left-hand page. This includes mechanical, architectural, civil, and electrical drawings.
  • End-of-chapter review questions to test the student's knowledge.

Discovering AutoCAD 2020 will be a valuable resource for any student wanting to learn drafting skills.

About the Author

MARK DIX first worked with AutoCAD as a programmer in 1985. The following year he began collaborating with Paul Riley to create AutoCAD training material, combining Paul's background in industrial design with his own background in writing and curriculum development. Mark received the M.A.T. from Cornell University and the M.S. degree from the University of Massachusetts. PAUL RILEY was an early advocate for exposing students to the advantages of learning AutoCAD for career advancement. Paul holds a B.S. in Education and an M.S. in Computer Technology with a career that has included teaching at public high school, private college, public university, and technology companies in the Boston area.
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