Villain, Vermin, Icon, Kin: Wolves and the Making of Canada (Hardcover)

Villain, Vermin, Icon, Kin: Wolves and the Making of Canada By Stephanie Rutherford Cover Image
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A wolf’s howl is felt in the body. Frightening and compelling, incomprehensible or entirely knowable, it is a sound that may be heard as threat or invitation but leaves no listener unaffected. Toothsome fiends, interfering pests, or creatures wild and free, wolves have been at the heart of Canada’s national story since long before Confederation. Villain, Vermin, Icon, Kin contends that the role in which wolves have been cast – monster or hero – has changed dramatically through time. Exploring the social history of wolves in Canada, Stephanie Rutherford weaves an innovative tapestry from the varied threads of historical and contemporary texts, ideas, and practices in human-wolf relations, from provincial bounties to Farley Mowat’s iconic Never Cry Wolf. These examples reveal that Canada was made, in part, through relationships with nonhuman animals. Wolves have always captured the human imagination. In sketching out the connections people have had with wolves at different times, Villain, Vermin, Icon, Kin offers a model for more ethical ways of interacting with animals in the face of a global biodiversity crisis.

About the Author

Stephanie Rutherford is associate professor in the School of the Environment at Trent University.

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“Passions for Birds unfolds as a beautifully written, engaging account of transwar British relationships with birds and their evolution from models emphasizing aristocratic hunting or falconry, favoring exclusive encounters, to conservation amidst an ecological consciousness, permitting a more democratic enjoyment of birds in spectatorship and tourism on preserves. The book’s lyrical aspects make for enjoyable reading while the author skillfully wraps his arguments in approachable, yet rigorous, theoretical explanations.” H-Environment

“Clearly argued, thorough, and wide-ranging, Passions for Birds challenges the conventional view that conservationist ideas simply replaced older, more visceral ones. Nixon argues further that one cannot intelligibly separate out the histories of conservation, natural history, and field sports, that they need to integrated in a single richer cultural history.” Jeremy Mynott, author of Birdscapes: Birds in Our Imagination and Experience
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ISBN: 9780228011071
ISBN-10: 0228011078
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press
Publication Date: May 15th, 2022
Pages: 256
Language: English