Emerging Adults in Therapy: How to Strengthen Your Clinical Competency (Paperback)

Emerging Adults in Therapy: How to Strengthen Your Clinical Competency By Zachary Aaron Kahn (Editor), Juliana Martinez (Editor) Cover Image
By Zachary Aaron Kahn (Editor), Juliana Martinez (Editor)
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Theoretical, sociocultural, and clinical essays on the psychology of today’s young adults.

“Emerging adulthood” (EA) describes a developmental period between adolescence and adulthood, typically spanning ages 18–29. It’s a rough time for most people—perhaps now more than ever. Emerging Adults in Therapy contains contributions from various psychologists and psychiatrists (many of whom are on the younger side), with diverse backgrounds and specialties related to EA. The book’s editors, Zachary Kahn and Juliana Martinez, are both licensed psychologists in New York working predominantly with young adults in private practice.

Much of the focus here is on the psychological impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the reckoning on racial injustice that characterize this time period. Other sections discuss theories of this age band and describe different treatment approaches specialized for young adults.

This book should appeal to training and practicing clinicians working with young people, as well as young adults and their parents who are interested in both the psychological challenges and therapeutic practices that can help.

Contributors include: Francis Bartolomeo · Anna-Lee Stafford · Andrew Gerber · Steve Tuber · Karen Tocatly · Chantel T. Ebrahimi · Alexandria G. Bauer · Denise Hien · Lillian Polanco-Roman · Marjorine Henriquez-Castillo · Kathleen Isaac · Elisa Lee · Carolina Franco · Annelisa Pedersen · Peter Lemons · Elizabeth F. Baumann · Zoe Berko · Leora Trub · Vendela Parker · Zachary Geller · Danielle La Rocco · Kristin P. Wyatt · Colleen M. Cowperthwait · Kateri Berasi · Sherina Persaud

About the Author

Zacahary Aaron Kahn, PhD, is a licensed psychologist in New York City working predominantly with young adults. He is currently a psychologist at the St. Bernard’s School in Manhattan.

Juliana Martinez, PhD, is a licensed psychologist in New York City working predominantly with young adults. She has worked at various college counseling centers.

Praise For…

In this timely book, Juliana Marti´nez and Zachary Kahn have assembled a profoundly diverse group of voices in an astonishingly coherent fashion, examining how people of every stripe manage the transition into adulthood. Each essay boasts its own insights, but it is, ironically, their multitude of juxtapositions that reveal their commonalities. In responding to recent social experiences and movements—from COVID-19 to Black Lives Matter—these invaluable pages offer a guide that could transform the work of therapists and parents alike. Its theories and ideas plead to be applied in the real world.
— Andrew Solomon, PhD, Professor of Clinical Psychology, Columbia University, National Book Award-winning author of The Noonday Demon and Far from the Tree

The topic of this book is not only timely and critically important, but it is approached with both clinical sophistication and a noteworthy attention to the currents of race, class, and gender that so often are given only secondary and superficial consideration. I am very familiar with the work of many of the authors, and they are a stellar group with precisely the expertise needed to carry this off most effectively. An indispensable resource.
— Paul Wachtel, PhD, CUNY Distinguished Professor, Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, City College of CUNY

Rarely does one find a psychology text that is so timely and relevant for both therapists and patients alike. Engaging with the uncertainty and excitement of the current moment as gender, race, identity, and subjectivity itself are reconfiguring and transforming, this endlessly compelling anthology offers a vibrant mix of research, theory, clinical insight, and personal narrative that illuminates and struggles with the challenges that emerging adults and the clinicians who work with them encounter today.
— Robert Grossmark, PhD, ABPP, author of The Unobtrusive Relational Analyst: Explorations in Psychoanalytic Companioning

This book’s most remarkable contribution is its expanding of the reader’s compassion and understanding about the ways in which our emerging adults’ intersectional identities, and sociopolitical and cultural realities, impact their development and needs. This is an essential read if we as a field are dedicated to uplifting this next generation with curiosity and mindful attention to the unique landscape we find ourselves in.
— Gillian Scott, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice, BodySoulPsych, Director/Producer of Back to Natural: A Documentary

This book on emerging adulthood, edited by Zachary Kahn and Juliana Marti´nez, is a terrific addition to the literature about a stage of development that is currently garnering more and more attention. It is remarkable in a number of different ways.... This book will be of great interest to emerging adults and their families as well as to educators and mental health professionals at every level of training.
— Elliot Jurist, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Philosophy, GC, and CCNY, CUNY
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