Wisdom: GOD's Hints and Tips (Hardcover)

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By Bryan W. Foster, Karen M. Foster (Foreword by)
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Book 7 of 9 books from the 'GOD Today' Series by author Bryan Foster - Wisdom: GOD's Hints and Tips (2021). A collection of authentic Revelations, Inspired Messages and Key/Vital input from GOD to the author. Over 200 quotes are presented for serious reflection as these come from GOD in various ways and over time. The 21 Revelations from GOD to Bryan in 2016 (15) and 2018 (6), along with the major Revelation in 1982 when Bryan received GOD in a special way as part of the laying on of hands healing from the secondary school's principal, Sr Ann. An incredible warmth from GOD moved from his head to feet. This occurred on the school's 'Commitment to God' day. This day was also the author's 25th birthday, along with the day he left this school for his first principalship of a primary school in the country. Bryan, Karen, his wife, and his newly born first daughter moved to Tara and two years later to Goondiwindi as principal in both schools.

The 'GOD Today' Series is being published from 2016 to 2022. Book 9 is planned for a 2022 distribution.

The Wisdom quotes in this Book 7 come from three main sources: 1. 21 Revelations from GOD in 2016 and 2018 + the 1982 laying on of hands; 2. a collection of reflective quotes from over 10 years of compilation while preparing for a reflection series from GOD; 3. the quotes from each book, which are displayed and highlighted in grey boxes in each book from Book 1 to 7. Each quote has come from GOD and through Bryan, the author, to our worldly populations. There are also potentially others worldwide doing the similar for GOD.

This book Series is presently Bryan's best way to promulgate GOD's Revelations and Messages. The Revelations from 2016 and 2018 were 'spoken' to Bryan in the early morning around 3am each time from GOD while the author was camping in a caravan/trailer on the plains of Mt Warning, NSW, Australia. There are also websites, photos and videos (780+), as well.

Bryan was tasked by GOD with writing each one down, accurately and with great care.

The author has sent copies of the published books to a number of church/religious leaders worldwide.

NB. Bryan strongly believes that Book 4 photobook is a necessary book for all readers to peruse at some stage while reading and analysing this Series' Revelations, inspired messages and challenges from GOD. Some incredibly unique and spectacular images have been sent by GOD, photographed by Bryan, and seen as inspirational images or GOD's Revelations and Inspired Messages for us all. These include sun rays, sun arrows, sun flares and a giant Easter sun cross, along with double rainbows and a moonrise over the ocean. The sun arrows and large Easter Cross (Book 4's cover image) are something incredibly special and UNIQUE. These are so important for appreciating and believing GOD's Revelations and inspired messages. Each one takes so much doubt away from people's minds. People then see these unique and spectacular images as part of GOD's message to humanity.

Seeing these images early on as part of this Series' adventures will hopefully open the reader to seeing and believing in genuine and authentic images from GOD.

The images should inspire the reader to believe in our One GOD of eternity, along with the sacred messages and Revelations 'He' has sent to humanity in Today's World.

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