Burnt: Fighting for Climate Justice (Outspoken by Pluto) (Paperback)

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'An inspiring rallying cry for activists everywhere to work together to build a just, ecosocialist future' - Grace Blakeley

Time is up. The climate crisis is no longer a future to be feared, but a devastating reality. We see it in the wildfires in California and floods across Britain - the ‘once in a generation’ extreme weather events that now happen every year.

In a world where those in charge are constantly letting us down, real change in our lifetime means taking power into our own hands. The task ahead of us is daunting, but the emergence of a new wave of movements focused on climate justice, equality and solidarity also brings hope.

Asking how we have arrived at this moment, Chris Saltmarsh argues that the profoundly political nature of the environmental crisis has been relentlessly downplayed. After all, how can solar panels save us while capitalism places profit over the future of the planet? Analyzing the failures of NGOs, the limitations of Extinction Rebellion and Youth Strikes, the role of trade unions, and the possibilities of a Green New Deal, Burnt issues a powerful call for a radical collective movement: saving the world is not enough; we must build a better one in the process.

About the Author

Chris Saltmarsh is co-founder of Labour for a Green New Deal. He has written for a wide range of media including Novara MediaTribuneJacobin, the EcologistopenDemocracyVice and New Internationalist.
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ISBN: 9780745341828
ISBN-10: 0745341829
Publisher: Pluto Press
Publication Date: September 20th, 2021
Pages: 160
Language: English
Series: Outspoken by Pluto