A Genetic Switch, Phage Lambda Revisited (Paperback)

A Genetic Switch, Phage Lambda Revisited By Mark Ptashne Cover Image
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The first edition of Mark Ptashne's 1986 book describing the principles of gene regulation in phage lambda became a classic in both content and form, setting a standard of clarity and precise prose that has rarely been bettered. This edition is a reprint of the original text, together with a new chapter updating the story to 2004. Among the striking new developments are recent findings on long-range interactions between proteins bound to widely separated sites on the phage genome, and a detailed description of how gene activation works.
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ISBN: 9780879697167
ISBN-10: 0879697164
Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Publication Date: April 8th, 2004
Pages: 154
Language: English
Series: Ptashne