Opium Poppy Garden: The Way of a Chinese Grower (Paperback)

Opium Poppy Garden: The Way of a Chinese Grower By William Griffith Cover Image
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A complete guide to cultivating and harvesting the beautiful opium poppy.

The opium poppy is a potent plant that has been cultivated and used for thousands of years to alleviate suffering. The use of plant substances as alternatives to synthetic medicines is resurging due to their beneficial properties and less-toxic side effects. For example, many cancer and HIV sufferers are growing opium for personal use.

Opium Poppy Garden is the only book available that describes the cultivation, harvest and pharmacology of opium in a format that combines literary and instructional writing. The heart of the book is the tale of Ch'ien, a young Chinese man who travels from Costa Rica to Columbia to grow an opium garden in the manner his Taoist grandfather taught him. The story, in conjunction with "The Cultivator's Diary" and the technical appendix, provide the reader with a working knowledge of this plant.
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ISBN: 9780914171676
ISBN-10: 0914171674
Publisher: Ronin Publishing (CA)
Publication Date: December 9th, 1993
Pages: 77
Language: English