Sheepwagon: Home on the Range (Paperback)

Sheepwagon: Home on the Range By Nancy Weidel Cover Image
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or so long, the sheepwagon was such a common sight on the western landscape that it has been overlooked as an important part of the region's culture. Other than a few articles about the quaint sheepwagon or the lonely life of the rapidly disappearing sheepherder, no definitive history of the western sheep business has been written since 1948.

This photo-intensive book gives the history of the sheepwagon and the surrounding sheep business. Here are chapters on the early days of Western sheep-raising; the origins and manufacturing of sheepwagons; traditional sheepherders: their superstitions, customs and pastimes; women and families who lived in sheepwagons; the Basque influence; and modern-day herders, sheepwagons, and restorers.
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ISBN: 9780931271649
ISBN-10: 0931271649
Publisher: High Plains Press
Publication Date: June 1st, 2003
Pages: 192
Language: English