Customer Service Training for Heathcare Professionals: " Improve Your Customer Service Practices" (Paperback)

Customer Service Training for Heathcare Professionals:
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Customer Service for Healthcare Professionals is written specifically for students, interns and employees who are in the healthcare field and with or, take care of patients in a hospital, clinic, medical center and long term care facility. The central theme of the book is to help allied health students, interns and employees improve customer service skills, professional workplace behaviors and patient satisfaction. The book is unique and includes; group activities, self-assessments and customer service questionnaires to reinforce the customer service principles and techniques. The healthcare techniques and strategies help professionals create positive patient experiences and customer satisfaction. Healthcare professionals learn to effectively communicate, greet patients, schedule appointments and work in health care teams. Healthcare professional develop identification systems to avoid medical errors and HIPPA violations and fines. The CARE acronym is the characteristics and qualities of healthcare professionals. The CARE skills helps employees determine and meet patients' needs and concerns. People who work with or take care of patients identify and understand personality types and kinds of customer behaviors to solve problems and handle complaints quickly. Healthcare professionals develop relationship building skills to improve patient interaction. Good customer service is linked to patient satisfaction, patient referrals, promotions and pay increases. Since, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) individuals have more options in selecting their physician and healthcare coverage. Therefore, to remain competitive healthcare facilities are seeking employees with superior customer service skills. Visit: http: //

About the Author

After graduating high school and enrolled in a Medical Assistant Program and became a Certified Medical Assistant. She worked as a Medical Assistant and Officer Manager for years. She worked in nursing homes, hospitals, long term care facilities and clinics. She was employed as a Nursing Assistant, Health Unit Coordinator, Phlebotomist, Director of Patient Care Services, Clinical Supervisor and Professor. She continued her education and attended a Licensed Practical Nursing Program and graduated from the University of North Carolina Charlotte with a Bachelor of Art Degree in Psychology. She possesses a Master's of Science degree in Addiction Counseling, and has extensive academic studies in Marriage and Family Therapy, and possesses a Doctorate in Counseling. She is a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist, Substance Abuse Professional and Certified Addiction Professional. She worked as an Allied Health Officer, Director and Instructor at public colleges and post-secondary schools. Customer Service training in healthcare is an investment and organizations, schools and healthcare professionals can benefit from workplace training tools. In-service training or professional training in customer service allows employees to improve on their human interaction skills. Training allows people who work with the public to conduct a self-assessment and identify areas that need improvement. Professional training allows participants to identify their own prejudices and biases. Often times training is needed to change behaviors of prejudices, biases, stereotyping attitudes and prejudgments. Training helps employees provide excellent patient care and customer service to patients and their families. Dr. Reba Haley is the President of Insight Consulting International Group a business coaching, life coaching and business consulting firm that holds a State of Florida Woman & Business Certificate. The organization customizes and conducts training that include and integrate consulting, training, assessment and coaching. The company's goals are to deliver services to help employees and individuals open businesses, improve work performance and learn effective problem-solving and conflict resolution strategies. The company's focus is on increasing productivity and profitability through results driven leadership and stellar customer service. The communication skills training is designed to improve social, business, professional and interpersonal relationships.
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ISBN: 9780964659445
ISBN-10: 0964659441
Publisher: Insight Consulting International
Publication Date: June 15th, 2015
Pages: 110
Language: English