Call It Perpetual (Paperback)

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By David Michael Belczyk, Ryan Alvis (Designed by)
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Summary: Generally: The frontier of literature is the expressive nature of language itself. David focuses on transforming words into lyric having an aesthetic beauty that is both collaborative with and independent of meaning. All of his work is written to be read aloud. The reader is a co-creator, and David structures his work to allow the reader intimate interpretive choices in the work's presentation. Each of David's books is a complete whole: no poem, story, or chapter is meant to stand alone. Their order, progression, and the words and images that tread between them are meant to reveal different faces of the same central themes that David treats. His fiction strives for a subtlety that frees the field of interpretive depth, and then bores in with pure invective. His poetry advances each word as its own ultimate and primary form, so that all is text or void, without the restricting channels of punctuation. The text always pours and pours. The reader must grab one piece and ride it out, then commander another buoyant concept to ride again. Always, the fleeting existence of sounds pronounced is the right forum for the work. David aspires to celebrate the oneness and valor of humanity, dredging from our complexity one simple direction of creation. With appropriate awe, he searches for the self, and in turn the divine, in the complicit detail that surrounds life. He lauds the gifts of identity that come from our biology, anthropology, and science, even as we struggle and fail to surpass their strictures. He seeks to confront the reader with the thrilling and raw nature of conviction and compassion. In Call it Perpetual, In David's second collection, he changes the focus to unity. More poems engage characters rather than seeking a direct dialogue with the reader. These varied observations find all roads leading back to the human cause and root, living in perpetuity, indefatigable, and undeniable. But the work is not called "Perpetual;" it is an imperative. Identity is still constrained within our limits of articulation.
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ISBN: 9780971238398
ISBN-10: 0971238391
Publisher: Culturatti Ink
Publication Date: January 8th, 2010
Pages: 136
Language: English