Ikto'mi Brings About the Death of an Iya (Hardcover)

Ikto'mi Brings About the Death of an Iya By Language Initiative Thunder Valley, Christine Nih'shaw (Illustrator) Cover Image
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When crafty Ikto'mi comes across a hungry Iya (a giant) he fears he may become its next meal but Iya has bigger plans: he's going to eat the nearby village With a trick or two up his sleeve, Ikto must find a way to save the people from Iya's never-ending appetite. Written in English and Lakota.

Ikto'mi, whose name literally means "spider," is a trickster figure, shape-shifter, and cultural hero in traditional Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Sioux American Indian stories.

According to legend, he was born, full-grown from an egg. The first-born son of Inya - the Rock, he is the size of an ordinary man and possesses supernatural powers and spider-like qualities. He is both the fool and a sly, cunning teacher; good and bad; hero and anti-hero.

Iya - the giant - is Ikto'mi's younger brother and a powerful destructive creature who consumes all in his path.

Ikto'mi is also referred to as Inktomi, Iktome, Ictinike, Ikto, Unktomi, and Unktome, depending on the region and dialect.

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ISBN: 9780999759721
ISBN-10: 0999759728
Publisher: Riversong Studio
Publication Date: June 3rd, 2019
Pages: 34
Language: English