Prove Physics Second Edition: Teach yourself how to prove physical laws from first principles (Hardcover)

Prove Physics Second Edition: Teach yourself how to prove physical laws from first principles By Balungi Francis Cover Image
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Since high school, I have been rebellious to how physics derivations are presented with difficult and confusing mathematical tools. I am not used to deriving physics laws using the same mathematical tools that our forefathers of physics used (the same found in various physics text books), which I find not only confusing to me but to the entire scientific community who are categorized as the "Silent Majority". I try so much to tackle the problem from a different perspective without using calculus or differential geometry. I use basic math with simple algebra to arrive at the required proof. This book is the culmination of nearly fifteen years of work that I have done to develop this derivation method. I had never expected it would take anything like as long, but I have discovered vastly more than I ever thought possible, and in fact what I have done now touches almost every existing problem in physics. In the early years, I published some papers in the major scientific research journals which were well received but because they had become scattered, I resolved just to keep working quietly until I had finished, and was ready to present everything in a single coherent way. Two years later this book is the result. And with it my hope is to share what I have done with a wide range of scientists and non-scientists as possible. And now that I have finished building the intellectual structure that I describe in this book, it is my hope that those who read these words can share in the excitement I have had in making the discoveries that were involved. In this book you will learn to derive all the known laws of physics from first principles in your own way and fashion not taught in schools and colleges. "Science should be fun.
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ISBN: 9781006397592
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Publisher: Blurb
Publication Date: May 19th, 2023
Pages: 168
Language: English