Patriotism, Partition and the Persecuted: Social Biography of Victims of Partition (Hardcover)

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Patriotism, Partition and the Persecuted: Social Biography of Victims of Partition By Debal K. Singharoy Cover Image
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This book explores the theme of continuous wreaking of brutal persecution of a Hindu family on the one hand and the uncompromising efforts of Muslim friends and neighbours to protect this family on the other. It is set against the resultant and barbaric forces let loose after the propagation of the two nation theory, and the ultimate partition of India in 1947. Based on the soical biography of a Hindu family that stayed back in East Pakistan, it traces their journey, how they became 'other' in the country of their birth and faced persecution. This, being branded the other, led to part of the family migrating to Inida, away from their natal roots. The 1965 India-Pakistan war further brought prolonged separation and sufferings for these half-families living on both sides of the borders. Subjecting one to encounter helplessness, uncertainty and poverty in India, and the other to state sponsored apathy, coercion, arrests and physical tortures. The vicious atmosphere of violent communal aggression though did not stop their Muslim friends from protecting them. When the Muslim friend was killed by the religious fanatics in the newly liberated Bangladesh, the left behind member of the Hindu family realized that it was time to leave their motherland for India, where they died with the desire to go back to their motherland, buried along with them. Despite prolonged violence and tragic separation thereafter, numerous memories of the self-sacrificing efforts of the compatriots served as recollection in collective living in the Indian subcontinent.

About the Author

Debal K. SinghaRoy is former Professor of Sociology IGNOU, New Delhi. His works include Identity, Society and Transformative Social Categories; Towards a Knowledge Society; Peasant Movements in Post-Colonial India; Social Development and the Empowerment of the Marginalised; Women in Peasant Movements; Dissenting Voices and Transformative Action: Social Movements in a Globalising World; Surviving Against Odds: Marginalised in a Globalised World; Interrogating Social Development; Women, New Technology and Development; among others.
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ISBN: 9781032545905
ISBN-10: 1032545909
Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: August 7th, 2023
Pages: 236
Language: English