The Beyond Exists: SCIENCE SAYS IT: 88 scientists and researchers confirm this. 5 different research fields investigated, 1 single great (Paperback)

The Beyond Exists: SCIENCE SAYS IT: 88 scientists and researchers confirm this. 5 different research fields investigated, 1 single great By Scott Howard Grimm (Translator), Francesca Scarrica Cover Image
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How would your life change if you knew with certainty that death is not the end of everything but only the transition to a new dimension?How would you deal with the events of your life, for better or for worse?And how much would your vision of the world and human relationships change?And the relationship with pain, the sense of loss and helplessness that we all experience in life?I can serenely affirm that the people you will read about in this book are certainly relating the most important information you will ever have, to put all the events of your life in a new light and acquire a more serene attitude towards your life. You will find the answers to many thorny questions that, left to our limited vision of ourselves, we cannot solve, remaining frustrated, full of anxieties and fears.Man has always tried to unravel the mystery of his existence and death. It's the problem of problems. But today we have means and studies that, if seriously addressed, can really open us not a window, but a door In this book you will not read about religion or strange new age theories, but the results of serious research by scientists and researchers who have devoted much of their work and their life to investigating the reality of life after death. And thanks to these results we can today begin to disintegrate the greatest fear that afflicts humanity.The mainstream media keeps these very significant researches for the life of us all hidden, and it does so for fear of shaking the foundations of the materialist world in which we live, based on false values, necessary for the system itself to exist. Today we have the evidence that we do not end our lives with the death of the physical body. And when you have internalized this truth, which you will never find in the news of despair, your life will totally change.Fear acts in our unconscious without us being aware of it and influencing our behavior, preventing us from living to the fullest of our potential. But I can tell you that, after reading this book, many have thrown away anxiolytics and sleeping pills and have discovered a new serenity, a profound serenity, which comes from the intimate conviction that we do not lose forever those we love and that we have an immortal soul, made of another type of matter.Life thus becomes only a stage in an eternal journey and, as if by magic, our true self can express itself at its best, serenely.Religions imagine, impose dogmas, fill gaps in knowledge and scientific certainty with faith and repetitive liturgies. Science follows the path of objectivity, step by step, presents facts and experimental evidence. What you will find in this book, no one has ever told you in such an organic and understandable way, and in the end you will have acquired crucial information for your life and that of those around you, if you will give them the immeasurable gift of communicating to them what they also you will discover by reading it.Few times in your life do you come across a book that can influence the way you consider yourself and the world, and this is one of those occasions, perhaps the most important. Because nothing is more consoling than knowing, instead of believing.Keep this book close at hand and when you feel that old ideas about life and death are conditioning you again, open it again, read it again. It is a cure for the soul. You don't need to know anything else more important in your life.Spread the light Talk about this book to those you love, bring the good news and a ray of light in the darkness with which this materialistic world covers us every day to take away our strength and hope, make us forget our true nature, which is intangible and immortal. It will be the most beautiful gift you can give to those you love. Because true serenity comes from the awareness that nothing will ever be lost forever.
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ISBN: 9781079634754
ISBN-10: 1079634754
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 10th, 2019
Pages: 400
Language: English