Protect All Monsters (Paperback)

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Souleymane Adabor was born in the City of Accra, Ghana, in 1895. He was a dockworker, unhappily employed by wealthy British shipping magnate Malcolm Lincolnshire in 1930, until a mysterious man named Abdullahi Osman approaches him. It was a meeting that would change the course of Souleymane's destiny. As it turns out, Osman is one of the Ayaanle, powerful Immortal beings who were once the Intermediaries between Gods and Men in the pre-Islamic Horn of Africa. With Mr. Osman as his guide, Souleymane discovers the hidden world of the Supernatural. The Monsters of Myth and Legend are real, and they need protection. Not every human being is a good soul, and not every Monster is hell-bent on world domination. Souleymane is thus inducted into the Order of the Protectors, men and women sworn to protect peaceful Monsters from hostile humans since time immemorial. The Protectors are magically augmented and blessed with special abilities such as superhuman strength, accelerated healing and sharp senses, to aid them in their holy mission. All of those gifts might not be enough for Souleymane as he battles a formidable evil in the cutthroat, plague-ravaged world of twenty-first century Earth.
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ISBN: 9781312978096
ISBN-10: 1312978090
Publication Date: September 5th, 2021
Pages: 346
Language: English