Goddess Power Oracle (Standard Edition): A 52-Card Deck and GuidebookGoddess Love Oracle Cards for Healing, Inspiration, and Divination (Cards)

Goddess Power Oracle (Standard Edition): A 52-Card Deck and GuidebookGoddess Love Oracle Cards for Healing, Inspiration, and Divination By Colette Baron-Reid Cover Image


World-renowned oracle card expert with over a million decks sold, best-selling author, and internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher Colette Baron-Reid presents a portable 52-card edition of her best-selling oracle deck.

These beautiful goddess oracle cards draw upon the symbolic energy of goddesses from cultures around the world—energy that can be reflected in any individual.

Did you know the timeless energy of powerful goddesses rises up and can be expressed through every one of us when we need them?

The goddesses are here to guide us and empower us, and if we look closely in our reflection, their bright light shines through our eyes, reminding us of the truth of our divinity and the power to choose the best version of ourselves in service and love.

The Goddess Power Oracle reminds us of our beautiful relationship to the energy of these deities from around the world. The nontraditional, multi-ethnic art is intended to allow all of us to see ourselves in them, regardless of our origins. This standard edition of Goddess Power Oracle features 52 cards as well as a compact 3.5" x 5" guidebook and storage box.

Example Goddess Oracle Card Meanings:

Aphrodite – Romantic Love
Aphrodite invites you to fall in love with your life now and choose to look for the essence and expression of love all around you. By doing so, love will increase tenfold, and you will see evidence of it everywhere you turn.

Isis – Rebirth
The process of soul retrieval, resurrection, and rebirth is the theme recurrent through the stories of the Egyptian goddess Isis, and one that she invites you to address now.

Mary – Miracles
Mary, mother of miracles, is here to remind you of all the amazing wonders that are everywhere in your life right now.

Sophia – Divine Wisdom
When we ask for help, we are asking for guidance from a Source greater than us—a great unknowable mystery.

The Great Goddesses invite us to see a reflection of them in ourselves and to ask: Who could we become if we knew how to heal and reclaim our true power?

Let the Goddess Power Oracle cards guide you to your deepest truth, empower you to choose freedom from the bondage of your old conditioning, and bring you to a new heightened state of awareness so you can co-create a life beyond your wildest dreams!

This oracle deck will serve as your sparkling bridge between the seen and unseen worlds, taking you from the mundane to the mystical.

Note: This is a portable-size edition of Goddess Power Oracle (ISBN: 9781401956448).

About the Author

Colette Baron-Reid is an internationally respected spiritual intuitive, psychic medium, educator, and oracle expert. Her best-selling books and oracle cards are published worldwide in 27 languages. She is the founder of Oracle School, a global online learning platform with students in 26 countries, where self-empowerment, co-creation, and ancient oracles meet in a modern contemporary way. Colette is also the creator of the energy psychology technique the Invision Process®.

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