Merging Lives (Paperback)

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MERGING LIVES is a thought-provoking powerhouse novel that considers reincarnation a dynamic force of nature. Seeing a gifted young African mystic captured and sold into slavery in the 1760's, we experience her passion and pain. But what has she to do with a restless modern day Seattle housewife in love with the Caribbean islands? In Canada 400 years earlier, a Huron Indian maiden finds herself strangely attracted to a reclusive French fur trapper. Can the spirit of all three women somehow be one and the same? Is it possible that the process of giving and receiving love knows no boundaries, regardless of time, place or circumstance? We feel the undeniable energy flow that binds some souls together while ripping others apart. Threads of a higher purpose to life slowly unravel. They reveal a rich tapestry of intertwined personalities struggling, clashing, thriving and surviving in distinctly different times, cultures and geographic locations. Why would we come around again and again? As we become absorbed in MERGING LIVES, the page-turning story reveals a plausible response to that illusive question.

About the Author

Donna Pagano has been a resident of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands for more than two decades. She spent her college years studying forestry in Montana, although her passion for nature was rivaled by a growing interest in publishing. She moved to the Caribbean with a burning passion to start her own publications. By the late '80's, that dream came true when she founded two popular, newspapers and a tourist publication in the USVI. Delighted by the ability to provide freelance writers with by-line opportunities, she felt a growing need to find her own voice in the world of writing. Eight years ago, she sold the publications in order to devote more time to crafting novels. MERGING LIVES is her first book. A second novel: Connected Souls, is already in the editing stages. The mother of two grown children and grandmother of two youngsters, she is married to director of photography and filmmaker, Tony Pagano.
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ISBN: 9781439213469
ISBN-10: 1439213461
Publisher: Booksurge Publishing
Publication Date: May 14th, 2009
Pages: 396
Language: English