The E-Commerce Guide For Small Business (Paperback)

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If you own a business, you probably know that you can't ignore the importance of having a website. The Internet has become the most powerful marketing tool -- ever -- in that it offers your business direct access to billions of individuals. If your business does not have a website presence today, you are losing sales to your competitors; it's that simple. Statistics show that thousands of websites are launched every day - so many, in fact, that the actual size of the Internet is unknown, even to experts. With the price of technology continuing to fall, households have been increasing their use of technology, in general, and the Internet, in particular, and are supplementing (if not entirely replacing) traditional devices and services (such as telephones, books, and mail) with more convenient and efficient electronic methods of searching for and sending information. How many of us get our phone books and wind up throwing them in the trash or recycle bin? When was the last time you actually dialed 411 for information? Businesses continually need to adapt to a changing world in order to meet the demands of the rapidly changing marketplace. Increasing options have made consumers tighter with their money, and studies have shown that potential customers are increasingly turning to the Internet to find the perfect deal. In some markets, the Internet has proved to be a more effective marketing platform than either TV or radio as it's easier to determine precisely how many people you have reached through your campaigns. That is why multinational corporations and Fortune 500 companies have spent billions of dollars to strengthen their online presence by setting up entire departments whose sole purpose is to conduct Internet marketing research and campaigns. Unfortunately, unlike major corporations, small and mid-sized business owners have fixed budgets, making it challenging if not impossible for them to fund such departments. But that does not mean that they, too.
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ISBN: 9781478770329
ISBN-10: 1478770325
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2016
Pages: 154
Language: English