Murder at Our Lady of Sorrows (Paperback)

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"Murder at Our Lady of Sorrows" begins in the Prologue where a Catholic priest is murdered in the church confessional. It is also the story of the Starbuck family who reluctantly become involved in helping the police solve the murder and an unrelated bank heist for ransom money. All six members of the Starbuck family posses a special talent. Some comic, some profound, some artistic, but one in particular, Claire, a ten year old girl who is possessed with psychic powers which are brought on by severe thunderstorms. Much to her parent's concern for her life, if she continues to help the police, is unwittingly pulled into a sinister plot. Claire's psychic powers evolve into a series of levitation episodes that run rampant until her life becomes at risk. Eventually, she becomes a celebrity when she sees a vision of the coming of a new comet.

About the Author

I am not a writer but an an old 87 year old retired animator/artist who can no longer do a lot of things I used to do. When I bought a computer I began writing because with word processor features it was easy to write and had spell check. I still can't spell but was told I had a flair for writing. So I used my background as an animator and took an old storyboard I once did during my working days wrote and illustrated a book for children called "King of the Ball" which was not a big seller but I still thought it was a pretty good book. Now I have just finished writing a novel that my friends who have read it say it is great. But since they are my friends they might be lying. But If you decide to read "Murder at Our Lady of Sorrows" you could make me a real honest to goodness author. And thank you, you've made my day.
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ISBN: 9781481834070
ISBN-10: 148183407X
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 25th, 2012
Pages: 358
Language: English