"Calling!": The Bear Choker! (Paperback)

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Calling is about a internet sensation turning MMA star A bear breaks loose at the zoo on a school visit. A man most dig deep to overwhelming odds to defeat the animal before it mauls him and the kids. He wins with a famous MMA head choke and the footage because viral on the internet He was sign by a famous circuit called Fighters Champ. The FC is infamous for having the only MMA circuit that allows death. The head president is a psychopath with spit personality issues. Three different personalities with 5 different skill set and the champion is a God.

About the Author

Just a Graphic designer who combine both hobbies into art! MMA/Comic books
Product Details
ISBN: 9781493563029
ISBN-10: 1493563025
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 13th, 2013
Pages: 122
Language: English