Mammalian Chromosome Engineering: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology #738) (Paperback)

Mammalian Chromosome Engineering: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology #738) Cover Image
By Gyula Hadlaczky (Editor)
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1. Developing Extrachromosomal Gene Expression Vector Technologies: An Overview

Richard Wade-Martins

2. High Capacity Extrachromosomal Gene Expression Vectors

Olivia Hibbitt and Richard Wade-Martins

3. Naturally Occurring Minichromosome Platforms in Chromosome Engineering: An Overview

Elena Raimondi

4. Chromosome Transfer Via Cell Fusion

Marianna Paulis

5. Insertional Engineering of Chromosomes with Sleeping Beauty Transposition: An Overview

Ivana Grabundzija, Zsuzsanna Izsv k, and Zolt n Ivics

6. Rodent Transgenesis Mediated by a Novel Hyperactive Sleeping Beauty Transposon System

Lajos M t s

7. Construction and Use of a Bottom-Up HAC Vector for Transgene Expression

Masashi Ikeno and Nobutaka Suzuki

8. De novo Generation of Satellite DNA-Based Artificial Chromosomes by Induced Large-Scale Amplification

Erika Csonka

9. Downstream Bioengineering of ACE Chromosomes for Incorporation of Site-Specific Recombination Cassettes

Amy L. Greene and Edward L. Perkins

10. Chromosome Engineering with Lambda-Integrase Mediated Recombination System: The ACE System

T nde Praznovszky

11. Dendrimer Mediated Transfer of Engineered Chromosomes

Robert L. Katona

12. Engineered Chromosomes in Transgenics

Peter Blazso, Ildiko Sinko, and Robert L. Katona

13. Transfer of Stem Cells Carrying Engineered Chromosomes with XY Clone Laser System

Ildiko Sinko and Robert L. Katona

14. Mammalian Artificial Chromosomes and Clinical Applications for Genetic Modification of Stem Cells: An Overview

Robert L. Katona, Sandra L. Vanderbyl, and Carl F.Perez

15. Engineered Mammalian Chromosomes in Cellular Protein Production: Future Prospects

Malcolm L. Kennard

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