Plato's Academy and the Eternal Key (Paperback)

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After the death of his grandfather, Charlie knows what it feels like to be lost and alone. Or does he? A puzzling letter leads Charlie down a shadowy staircase to the depths of the museum. Before Charlie knows it, he is whisked through time, transported to Ancient Greece. And nothing in this strange world is familiar. Passing the Oracle's bizarre tests is Charlie's only chance to return home but can he untangle Plato's ideas and stay alive? A stunning and unforgettable time travel adventure story that introduces the philosopher, Plato, to children aged 9+. 'Plato's Academy and the Eternal Key' presents Plato's most famous writings including the Myth of the Cave, the Ideal City and the Elements in a unique way for children. The story carries Plato's overarching beliefs in the immortality of the soul and the existence of an Eternal World. A truly amazing novel for anyone looking for an exciting introduction to Plato and his ideas.

About the Author

Ali loves philosophy, she loves reading philosophy and she thinks everyone can enjoy philosophy...especially kids! Having stumbled across philosophy herself in her post graduate studies (MBA), Ali wondered why she hadn't been exposed to the subject earlier. She wished she was. She should have been. She would be better for it. Philosophy is a great subject ... AND it's really not that hard. So Ali set about introducing the great thinkers from the past to kids through exciting adventure stories. Ali lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and their two daughters. Plato's Academy and the Eternal key is her first novel.
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ISBN: 9781495413506
ISBN-10: 1495413500
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: April 14th, 2014
Pages: 140
Language: English