Peace in Your House (Paperback)

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"I think our house is haunted. I don't know what to do. We need help." This silent cry goes up all across the land. Dark spiritual forces are afflicting families everywhere, leaving them feeling helpless and in despair. It's time to take our homes back. Peace in Your House is a spiritual warfare manual that begins at home. This manual will guide you into kicking out the demonic influences in your life and home and keeping them gone, so you can live as God intended, in peace. Peace in Your House will guide you to freedom from dark spiritual forces. In Peace in Your House, you will: Learn how demonic forces victimize you and what you can do to stop them. Start thinking about the world like Jesus did. Discover the amazing tactics that Jesus and his disciples used to drive away demons from lives and homes. Learn how to hear and discern the voice of God for yourself. Uncover the startling truth about spirits, demons, and ghosts, and what you can do about their dark influences in your life. Embrace practical steps and prayers to forever rid your home and life of dark demonic forces. Douglas R. Overmyer is the founder of Seers See Ministries, which seeks to frame certain supernatural events that some people experience within a biblical worldview. Douglas was raised by Christian parents and grew up attending a church founded by his great grandfather. While working in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, he has served as a leader in three church plants, where he learned firsthand how to equip those who have encountered the supernatural with the Kingdom of God. A graduate of Eastern Illinois University and the School of Kingdom Ministry, Douglas has also contributed to SkyWatch Magazine. Douglas lives in Illinois with his wife Amy and their three children.
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ISBN: 9781498485609
ISBN-10: 149848560X
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: October 6th, 2016
Pages: 352
Language: English