Lost and Found (Paperback)

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Relationships are malleable. One day, you can be inseparable from a friend while the next, you're a complete stranger. Someone who you could have never met can change your life with a few simple words. What does it mean to be connected to others? To these characters, it means everything.

Jacob, a comic enthusiast and Peter, a self-conscious narcissist make the unlikeliest of friends. They meet Quinton, a nerd with similar interests to Peter at Comic Con and Jacob and Peter's relationship is tested. Raymond is a teenager who wants to tell his best friend, John, about coming out of the closet but fears rejection or judgement. When he finally builds up the courage to tell him the truth, John seems to be in denial. Fred, a newfound widower, is contemplating whether life is worth living until a mysterious man appears. They share their life stories over a valley and realize they're not so different.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781506900193
ISBN-10: 1506900194
Publisher: First Edition Design Publishing
Publication Date: July 15th, 2021
Pages: 58
Language: English