Learning Valencian on the Go: An Introduction for Beginners (Paperback)

Learning Valencian on the Go: An Introduction for Beginners By David S. Luton Cover Image


This book was written by an experienced Spanish and ESL teacher who has lived in the Valencian Community in Spain during the last ten years. It includes pronunciation tips, cultural information, phrases useful in daily life and basic grammar. Topics include school, cultural celebrations, greetings, farewells, useful phrases, introductions, family, professions, countries, cities, languages, numbers, days, months, seasons, dates, weather, at home, places around town, telling time, the human body, describing people and clothes, colors, food and drink.This book is intended to be a basic introduction for beginners and does not contain exercises or audio material.Table of ContentsIntroductionCatalan and Valencianvocabulary similarities and differencesCatalan/Valencian-speaking areasPronunciationvowel soundsconsonantsaccent and stressL'aula (the classroom)I have, you have, etc.I need, you need, etc.subject pronounsindefinite articlesdefinite articlesin classholidays and cultural celebrationsschool subjectsLes salutacions (greetings)Hello How's it going?formal and familiarBye useful words and phrasesLes presentacions (introductions)What's your name?the verb ser (to be)Who are you?possessive adjectivesI'd like you to meet...this and thatNice to meet you La fam liaLes professionsPlace of Origin and LanguagesWhere are you from?the regions of Spaincountries of the worldDo you speak Valencian?lanaguages of the worldthe verb viure (to live)Where do you live?cities of the worldLa roba (clothes)the verb portarclothingadjectives for describing clothingexample sentencesEls colors (colors)El cos hum (the human body)Dies i mesos (days and months)the days of the weekthe months of the yearthe seasons of the yearels n meros/els numerals (numbers)els n meros ordinalstoday, tomorrow and the dateL'hora (telling time)Activitats i llocs (activities and places)I like, you like, etc.activitiesthe verb anar (to go)placesso and so's "place"around townasking for directionsmeans of transportEl temps (the weather)the verb fer (do, make)How's the weather?related wordsLa casa i els edificis (houses and buildings)household choresexample sentencesEls animals i la naturalesaanimalsexample sentences (animals)natureflowersexample sentences (nature)Aliments i begudes (food and drinks)some verbs and phrasesnounsnouns, verbs, adjectivesBasic Grammarthe six verb formsthe present tenseregular -ar verbsregular -er and -re verbsregular -ir verbsverbs like preferirreflexive verbsirregular verbs in the present tensethe simple past tensethe imperfect past tense-ar verbsother verbsthe present perfectbasic formsthe past participle of regular verbsirregular participlesthe future and conditionalEls adjectiusDescribing People and Thingshair and eyesadjectives for describing people and thingsSentiments i condicions (feelings and conditions)How do you feel?adjectives of feelings and conditionsreflexive verbsreflexive pronounsthe verb trobar-sethe verb sentir-seForming the PluralLes falles (the Fallas celebration)
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