Trust But Verify: A Great Injustice (Paperback)

Trust But Verify: A Great Injustice By Stuart Shockley, Joyce M. Stacks Cover Image
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The Phone rings, Its an Employment Agency, The Agency informs Stuart to take a job for 2 years in Eldorado, Arkansas. Then sue for $40,000,000 ? Little did Stuart know his life would be changed forever. Facing intentional chemical exposure in the work place while working as a computer analysts in Corporate America.. The challenge of trying to fight through the bureaucracy, politics, and a conspiracy to rob me of my Intellectual Property, patents, and copyrights. Then a Hillary Clinton former secret service agent - named Robert Fxxx - whose card officially listed him as 'retired' have interrupted Stuart during an evening out this past year, directly insinuating himself between Stuart and his guest while having drinks at the Arlington Hotel? He then walked Stuart out to the steps leading up to the lobby entrance while explaining he used to be on the former first lady's detail (Hillary Clinton) while directly inquiring about Stuart's intentions. He asked Stuart "What do you think about Hillary Clinton"? Stuart replied, "I think she will be our first Queen." While Hillary Clinton, herself, may not know Stuart's name, it's apparent someone within her close organization does and they have been instructed to keep an ever watchful eye on him. After four meetings with the former Secret Service Agent, the Agent gave Stuart an unsigned government non-disclosure document. Stuart gave the Agent a USB stick containing a watered down story of his last 20 years. The real story is in this book 'Trust But Verify, A Great Injustice'. Hope you enjoy this eye opening book.

About the Author

My latest effort came as something of a surprise when I was approached by a long-time friend to write his memoir, which instantly became a crash course in investigative reporting considering the mountain of evidence I was forced to comb through and then dissect as a means to compose a story that would captivate readers while remaining true to its subject. The process served as an introduction to an underground world we all fear exist but few would ever choose to confront directly. It is my sincere hope that the man at the center of this story will not only find peace but justice as a result of having faced his demons head on.
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ISBN: 9781519329745
ISBN-10: 1519329741
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: November 9th, 2015
Pages: 366
Language: English