Notes From the Field: Tracking North Americas Sasquatch (Paperback)

Notes From the Field: Tracking North Americas Sasquatch By William Jevning Cover Image
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Humanity has been fascinated with monsters as far back in time as there are records, the question is why? Could this originate from some primal fear of the dangers our species faced in day to day survival, or is there another reason? I many cultures around the world there are stories of hairy manlike creatures of gigantic stature, if these were simply the product of fiction then why are each so strikingly similar in detail to one another? Trolls and Ogres today are the heroes of children's films, but centuries ago they were depicted as terrible monsters lying in wait to pounce upon the unsuspecting traveler to be devoured. In nearly all Native tribes on the American continent these creatures are recognized as a part of their surroundings, something to be left alone and often held in great dread. In this book I will provide some historical as well as contemporary information that will demonstrate that there is much more to the subject of the Sasquatch than myth, and deserves a serious inquiry.
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ISBN: 9781530617029
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Publication Date: April 3rd, 2016
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