Aquaponics - Growing Vegetables and Fish in a Simple Cycle (Paperback)

Aquaponics - Growing Vegetables and Fish in a Simple Cycle By Greanna Friva Jainal (Editor), Nursyazwi Mohammad Cover Image
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Aquaponics is the cultivation of plants in hydroponic technology integrated with fish farming activities. This Aquaponics technology is now gaining attention among those who have a hobby of growing vegetables in a small area around the home and at the same time rearing fish. It is one of the city's agricultural activities promoted by the government with a modern concept and produce vegetables that are fresh, wholesome and quality. Typically with Aquaponics system with limited land area, the two commodities will be produced at the same time, namely vegetables and fish. The vegetables will be planted at the top and at the bottom will be fish. Fish will produce waste products that contain high concentrations of nutrients that can be utilized by plants on it. There are growing media and plants that are located above. It will then, filter the water and maintain water quality rounds under it. These conditions will make the water quality remains good in the pond, bucket etc., as well as free from residual impurities resulting from fish leftovers (poop), which it allows the fish to grow better.

About the Author

Engr. MD Nursyazwi is an entrepreneur in the field of construction and Commercial Aquaponics enthusiast in Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia. The author has a degree in Engineering and Manufacturing Design Diploma in Manufacturing Technology. Visit for more information.
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