Learn PHP by Examples: Practical Approach to Web Application Development (Paperback)

Learn PHP by Examples: Practical Approach to Web Application Development By Winfred Yaokumah Cover Image
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Learn PHP by Examples provides in-depth, concise, and helpful information for those who desire to learn Hypertext Pre-Processor (PHP). PHP is the most widely used interactive and dynamic Web programming language in use today. To study PHP systematically, Learn PHP by Examples comes in readily. This book includes the current PHP 7+. It covers fundamental topics in the PHP language and extends to very important topics such as how to work with Arrays, Functions, Errors and Exception Handling techniques, Object-Oriented Programming, Sessions, Cookies, File and Folder Management, File Uploads, Automated E-Mails, Form Validation, and PHP and MySQL database interactions. Over 200 scripts provided are self-explanatory; making learning PHP an easy task. Learn PHP by Examples has an excellent method of presenting PHP in a practical and easily understandable manner. The explanations are clear and understandable even to those learning programming for the first time. It provides the beginner a step-by-step way to quickly master PHP. Learn PHP by Examples is extremely useful; it can be used as a quick reference when developing PHP applications.
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ISBN: 9781541203723
ISBN-10: 1541203720
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: March 27th, 2017
Pages: 544
Language: English