The Gospel of the Kingdom (Paperback)

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In this insightful book, Philip Mauro seeks to demonstrate how the Kingdom of God is alive and vibrant all around us, and need not be divided into dispensations.
In this thorough refutation of the dispensation movement, Mauro demonstrates how the dispensationalist traditions of the past are simply untrue. He examines each of the seven principles, and sets them against the words of the Holy Scripture, demonstrating how each is inconsistent with what is taught in the Bible.
Mauro doggedly cites the Bible throughout this text, explaining the deeper passages with the clarity only a gifted and studied preacher acquires. His firm belief is that the truest Christianity - whereby believers gain closeness of God and His Kingdom - is not to be found in the tenets of dispensationalism, but the original Holy Bible.
Although composed in the 1920s, Mauro's book shines with clarity and retains its relevance to this day. The purpose of the book is to bring Christians back to the core teachings of the Bible, and away from the dispensational narratives which Mauro considered to be a corrupting and ultimately destructive influence on the faith.
For Mauro and those like-minded, closeness to the Kingdom of God is attainable directly from the words of Jesus Christ and his disciples, together with the remainder of the New Testament. To understand the truest gospel, one need only consult the sermons of Jesus and those who knew Him.
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