The Gold Medal Standard: Exploring The Power of Music And The Legacy of The Vocal Majority Chorus (Paperback)

The Gold Medal Standard: Exploring The Power of Music And The Legacy of The Vocal Majority Chorus By Bob Arnold Cover Image
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If you've always loved music, but you wondered WHY you always loved music, this book can give you some answers. The research the author has done into what makes music such a dominant and powerful part of most people's lives will make you a better, more in-formed listener, and a much better performer - if that's what you're driven to do. You'll find that music has actually been around longer than spoken language. And you'll discover the many benefits of music for people who have mental and physical illnesses, and also how music can make YOU a healthier human being. You'll also re-discover some memories about what first turned you on to the music you love, and who some of the performers were that made you a fan of their music for life. If you've never heard of The Vocal Majority Chorus and its smaller vocal ensembles, I think you'll find it fascinating to learn why this organization of both amateur and professional singers has captured the admiration of millions of fans throughout the world. You'll learn what this organization did in its first twenty years that set into motion their well-earned reputation as the most prolific popular recording and performing choral group in the world? The lessons learned during the author's 45 years of being associated with this organization can be of enormous benefit to anyone who wants their own group to be the best they can be. It's a virtual how-to history of what it takes to become the Gold Medal Standard for community choral organizations.
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ISBN: 9781548624538
ISBN-10: 1548624535
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 1st, 2017
Pages: 294
Language: English