PHP MCQs: Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (Quiz & Tests with Answer Keys) (Paperback)

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The Book PHP MCQs: Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (Quiz & Tests with Answer Keys) PDF (PHP MCQs Book: Programming Question Bank & Study Guide) includes revision guide for problem solving with hundreds of solved MCQs. PHP MCQ with Answers PDF book covers basic concepts, analytical and practical assessment tests. PHP MCQ Book PDF helps to practice test questions from exam prep notes.

PHP quick study guide includes revision guide with verbal, quantitative, and analytical past papers, solved MCQs. PHP Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs) Book PDF, a guide with free sample covers solved quiz questions and answers on chapters: Advance PHP, advanced array functions, debugging PHP programs, examining regular expression, getting started with PHP, PHP controls structures and functions, data types, filesystem, PHP for web designers, math functions, multidimensional arrays, number handling, passing variables, PHP programming basics, string handling, PHP syntax and variables, working with cookies and sessions tests for college and university revision guide. PHP Quiz Questions and Answers PDF book with free sample test covers beginner's solved questions, textbook's study notes to practice tests.

The Book PHP Programming Chapter 1-18 MCQs includes CS past papers to solve practice tests for exams. PHP Question Bank PDF, a quick study guide with textbook chapters' tests for NEET/Jobs/Entry Level competitive exams. PHP Programming Practice Tests Book covers problem solving exam tests from computer science textbook and practical book's chapters as:

Chapter 1: Advance PHP MCQs
Chapter 2: Advanced Array Functions MCQs
Chapter 3: Debugging PHP Programs MCQs
Chapter 4: Examining Regular Expression MCQs
Chapter 5: Getting Started with PHP MCQs
Chapter 6: PHP Controls Structures and Functions MCQs
Chapter 7: PHP Data Types MCQs
Chapter 8: PHP Filesystem MCQs
Chapter 9: PHP for Web Designers MCQs
Chapter 10: PHP Gotchas MCQs
Chapter 11: PHP Math Functions MCQs
Chapter 12: PHP Multidimensional Arrays MCQs
Chapter 13: PHP Number Handling MCQs
Chapter 14: PHP Passing Variables MCQs
Chapter 15: PHP Programming Basics MCQs
Chapter 16: PHP String Handling MCQs
Chapter 17: PHP Syntax and Variables MCQs
Chapter 18: Working with Cookies and Sessions MCQs

Practice Advance PHP MCQ book, chapter 1 class test to solve MCQ questions: Object Oriented Programming, OOP styles, basic PHP constructs, introspection functions, overriding functions, and serialization.
Practice Debugging PHP Programs MCQ book, chapter 3 class test to solve MCQ questions: Bugs, PHP error reporting and logging, and using web server logs.
Practice Getting Started with PHP MCQ book, chapter 5 class test to solve MCQ questions: HTML and PHP, PHP for java programmers, canonical PHP tags, error handling, Microsoft windows and apache, and PostgreSQL.
Practice PHP Controls Structures and Functions MCQ book, chapter 6 class test to solve MCQ questions: Defining PHP functions, looping, function and variable scope, branching, logical and ternary operator, and using functions.
Practice PHP Data Types MCQ book, chapter 7 class test to solve MCQ questions: Assignment and coercion, and type round up.
Practice PHP Multidimensional Arrays MCQ book, chapter 12 class test to solve MCQ questions: what are arrays, creating arrays, deleting from arrays, iterations, multidimensional arrays, and retrieving values.
Practice PHP Programming Basics MCQ book, chapter 15 class test to solve MCQ questions: Understanding PHP configuration, environment variables, and variable numbers of arguments.
Practice PHP Syntax and Variables MCQ book, chapter 17 class test to solve MCQ questions: Case sensitive, comments, variables, HTML, automatic type conversion, constants, output, and statements termination.

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