The Montessori Method (Paperback)

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The Montessori Method (1912) is a work on pedagogy by Maria Montessori. Originally written in her native Italian to describe the work she carried out at the Casa dei Bambini in Rome, the book was translated into English during a period of increasing popularity for Montessori and her educational method in the United States. By 1913, over 100 Montessori schools had been opened in the United States, prompting the educator to travel to the country on a lecture tour in December that year. Today, there are thousands of schools and classrooms around the world dedicated to the use of her method. "All human victories, all human progress, stand upon the inner force. Thus a young student may become a great doctor if he is spurred to his study by an interest which makes medicine his real vocation. But if he works in the hope of an inheritance, or of making a desirable marriage, or if indeed he is inspired by any material advantage, he will never become a true master or a great doctor, and the world will never make one step forward because of his work." Through years of working with children as a physician and educator, Maria Montessori developed a unique method of scientific pedagogy emphasizing personal growth, individuality, psychology, and hands-on experience. First at her Casa dei Bambini and later at thousands of schools around the world, the Montessori method changed education for countless students and teachers alike, fostering understanding and respect without sacrificing the structures needed for children to grow into successful, confident adults. With a beautifully designed cover and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of Maria Montessori's The Montessori Method is a classic of pedagogical literature reimagined for modern readers.

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