Oak Island and the Real Treasure: It's Not What You Think! (Paperback)

Oak Island and the Real Treasure: It's Not What You Think! By Lee Larimore Cover Image
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At last An astounding answer to the Oak Island mystery is told within these pages. For those familiar with the History Channel's series The Curse of Oak Island, this book will take you on a journey toward the real treasure. For those who haven't watched the TV series, then this work is a must-read. It all culminates in the reveal of a stunning encrypted secret that has been hidden on the Island for centuries and it finally pieces together an amazing answer to the Oak Island mystery
  • Learn of the many trials and errors made by the various searchers during the past 200 years in their pursuits to find an undetermined treasure buried deep in a pit that could be worth a fortune only thought about in dreams. Explore the many theories about who, what, when, and why that have created this age old mystery while eliminating the invalid ones. Understand why many efforts by various searchers have been so focused on discovering a buried treasure on the island that they have overlooked the biggest clue which has been right in front of them all the time.Discover the real reason why Oak Island was created and what is the true treasure hidden on the island. There is even startling new evidence about why the legendary Knights Templar may be involved in this mystery. Delve into history from the ancient times of King Solomon's Temple to the Crusades in the Holy Lands and the many suspicions about the involvement of some treasure-hiding pirates.

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ISBN: 9781628063608
ISBN-10: 1628063602
Publisher: Salt Water Media, LLC
Publication Date: November 18th, 2022
Pages: 348
Language: English