Boost: Lift Your Energy, Lose Your Stress, and Love Your Life! (Paperback)

Boost: Lift Your Energy, Lose Your Stress, and Love Your Life! By Zee Dammerel Cover Image
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Practical Ways to Balance Your Life and Lift Your Energy Level

Many of us are struggling to live well in a world that is not well. Boost offers thought-provoking information and intelligent advice for making positive and healthy changes for the way ahead, for ourselves, AND for our ailing planet.

We are overloading on technology as we, and our children, have become addicted to being entertained As technology inserts itself deeper into every day, we are paying a price in chronic tiredness and exhaustion, stress, illness, mounting debt, fractured families, diminishing communities, and ultimately, world unrest. Our lives are becoming unbalanced-and without balance, we must eventually trip and fall over.

In Boost you will discover:

  • The surprisingly simple way to create a balance in your life
  • How to get off the technology treadmill
  • How to make small adjustments that will lift your energy levels
  • How to raise the energy level in your home so that it recharges you
  • "Light bulb" moments of understanding as you gain personal insights about yourself and learn how simple changes can produce huge results.

Boost offers wisdom and facts that will support you, and the people you love, to blossom and grow. This book is about regaining balance, improving health, and finding the energy to truly enjoy life in the 21st century. Boost is about energy-something most people can't get enough of

Boost answers your questions about energy: what it is, where it comes from, and most important of all, how to get more so you can live a better life

It IS possible to feel switched on and energized every day, all day, and that's where Boost comes in to show you ways to lift your energy levels.

Boost shows you how to make your workday more rewarding, and how to compartmentalize it so it doesn't drive you 24/7.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781647465810
ISBN-10: 1647465818
Publisher: Earth Partners Pty. Ltd.
Publication Date: December 14th, 2020
Pages: 226
Language: English