Did That Just Happen?!: Beyond "Diversity"?creating Sustainable and Inclusive Organizations (Compact Disc)

Did That Just Happen?!: Beyond
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We know that diverse teams are stronger, smarter, and more profitable--and many companies are attempting to hire more diverse teams. But most struggle to create a real culture of inclusivity where people from all backgrounds feel comfortable. As clinical psychologists, as well as individuals with marginalized identities, Dr. Pinder-Amaker and Dr. Wadsworth present specific, tangible, and learnable skills for maintaining diversity and creating lasting inclusivity in the workplace. They explain that employees with marginalized identities often shoulder additional and invisible burdens that can lead to conflict and burnout, and they highlight the emotional and physical impact of marginalization and how that leads to a decrease in employee engagement and often job turnover. Offering real-life accounts that illustrate common workplace occurrences and answers to questions like How do I handle diversity landmines at work? and What can I do when I've made a mistake?, they break down ways that organizations can improve their cultural competence and become more equitable. This guide will be invaluable for employees who come from underrepresented communities and identities as well as for leaders of companies, supervisors, and HR departments and for all those who want to understand and support diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.
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ISBN: 9781662088780
ISBN-10: 1662088787
Publisher: Beacon Press
Publication Date: September 7th, 2021
Language: English