Deeper at the Surface: Resurfacing from years of Scripture taught outside of context (Paperback)

Deeper at the Surface: Resurfacing from years of Scripture taught outside of context By Josh Coverett Cover Image
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Have you ever had Scripture explained to you, but the explanation still seemed to have holes in it? Have you ever been judged by someone who used Scripture to defend their position? You may have even wondered how God could support such behavior when it seems to go against His own character. Scripture is often taught outside of context, creating traditional teachings that conflict with what God wants us to learn. Deeper at the Surface takes Scripture and returns it to its context. From tithing, to divorce and remarriage, Josh Coverett tears down years of traditional misinterpretations and shows us that Scripture is always deeper at the surface of context. Scripture is too important. We cannot afford to get it wrong. When it is misunderstood, we can inadvertently place burdens and shame on others, that should not be. So, dive in It's time to bring Scripture home. It must be released from the depths of traditional misinterpretation, and returned to the greater depths of context. No longer should we carry the burdens of misguided traditions. Let's let Scripture speak for itself. It's time to resurface Josh Coverett serves as the pastor of Renew Church in Saint Joseph, Missouri. He is deeply committed to helping people learn and understand Scripture the way God intended for us to see it. His books are designed to help others experience the Bible without a traditional lens. He grew up under the umbrella of conservative religion, but has since learned the value of a relationship with Christ, outside the pressures of religious obligation. Josh believes that religion can often times place a heavy burden on people to live a certain way, however, a relationship with Christ offers freedom. Josh has a passion to connect people to the heart of God. He and his wife Amy serve together, with their children, helping others grow in the love of God.
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ISBN: 9781662829710
ISBN-10: 166282971X
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: October 25th, 2021
Pages: 194
Language: English