The Call for Vessels for Christ (Paperback)

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If you look around at our world today, you can clearly see how it is falling apart politically and spiritually. Satan has stepped in and attempted to turn once on their knees crying out to the Lord prayer warriors into doubting Christians. Why is that? Is it because we think or believe that God does not care about us any more or is it that we have totally forgotten who Christ is and who we are in Christ Jesus?

At this very moment there is a dire need for Christians to make a stand and proclaim to the world that CHRIST IS LORD God wants you to know who HE is and at the same time for you to have a complete understanding of your Spiritual Calling, Spiritual Gifting and your life's Purpose that will be effective and beneficial not only to you and others but more importantly to the kingdom. HIS desire is for you to make a huge spiritual impact on the world, at least on those who are around you.

You have a unique calling and purpose placed upon your life designed by GOD Himself. In "The Call For Vessels For Christ" Minister Paul Phillips explain ways in which you can discover, step into your purpose and spiritual plan and operate in your destiny.

He discusses topics such as:

1. How to recognize, answer and fulfil the Spiritual Calling and Spiritual giftings God has placed upon your life.

2. How to operate and effectively utilize what God has for you that will be beneficial to you, your Family, the Kingdom and Others

3. How to truly understand your life's purpose and plan that will lead you to your divine destiny

4. How to become a true Vessel for Christ

You have been called to make an impact on the world, at least on those who are around you. The time is now for we as Christian believers to accept our calling and stand together as Vessels for Christ and proclaim to the world, "CHRIST IS LORD "

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Publication Date: March 9th, 2022
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