GITA for Gen A to Z: Volume III of III (Paperback)

GITA for Gen A to Z: Volume III of III By Ram Prakash Singhal Cover Image
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"Our heart should be like a plain mirror that reflects true images of objects before it, but retains no trace thereafter. It shouldn't be like a CCTV camera that promptly catches and stores images of every object passing before it. An expert farmer never lets weeds grow in his farm. "Be friendly to everyone riding with you in the same boat, In waters supple, calm, placid, and breeze cool, fragrant, But choose only the best ones from them who shall notDesert you in stormy winds and waters highly turbulent". Jnaan is the head of Gita, Karm its limbs, and Bhakti is its heart. When actions of limbs synchronize with knowledge of head and harmonize with the spirit of heart, the grand fusion of Samagr Yog takes place. A pole-vaulter hinges his entire energy on the pole to lift him higher than the horizontal bar in order to cross over. On attaining desired height, he leaves the pole and concentrates on crossing the bar. Similarly, a Gunaateet must use Sattv Gun like a pole only to lift him up spiritually, and leave it upon reaching requisite height to cross over the bar of the world. Sattv is his pole, not the goal.
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ISBN: 9781684668847
ISBN-10: 1684668840
Publisher: Notion Press
Publication Date: March 28th, 2019
Pages: 526
Language: English