Training Service Dogs: Beginners Practical Guide. (Paperback)

Training Service Dogs: Beginners Practical Guide. By Timothy Ben Cover Image


TRAINING SERVICE DOGSBeginners Practical GuideTraining a service dog in all honesty isn't just as easy as you may think; it is quite a tedious process. A lot of organizations breed service dogs, train them and after intensive training give them to their handlers or owners.Service dogs or assistance dogs as they sometimes called, are working dogs that are reared or trained specially to be of help to individuals or group with special needs who in the events of things happen to be physically challenged or who are facing one form of disability or the other.Candidly speaking, not all dogs can be service dogs, this is because there are some special qualities or requirements that a proposed service dog must meet up with. This is regardless of the dog's breed.This book will guide you in all you need to know about service dog training. Happy reading.
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ISBN: 9781692746131
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Publication Date: September 12th, 2019
Pages: 38
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