How to choose your next home. (Paperback)

How to choose your next home. By Benedict Hargreaves Cover Image
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In a developed consumer society, heavily reinforced and maintained by constant media pressure and advertising, the way in which we make decisions about purchases has changed beyond recognition in the last few decades and nowhere has that change been more dramatic than in the property industry.Consider how we might buy a pair of trousers or a jacket from an ordinary shop in a shopping centre, though where you choose for this analogy is irrelevant, and break down the buying process in your mind's eye. You might say that you first decide to buy the trousers when either, yours are wearing out, or you fall prey to the incessant marketing machine bombarding us 24 hours a day, grinding us into compliant submission, with the message that you NEED to buy, you MUST buy, your life will be BETTER if you buy. A search online will be harder than you imagined due to the plethora of choice, colours, styles and price, and eventually, you'll decide on which day to visit the shopping centre and with whom. Depending on your gender, the decision making process may take anywhere between 40 minutes and 4 hours, with a coffee and cake break for a discussion on the merits of a potential purchase that day and the possible benefits to be derived from coming back at another time or day.Many people visiting a house for sale with an estate agent in attendance, will spend less than 15 minutes walking around a property and, incredible as it may sound, make an offer that same afternoon if not at the very same visit. Probably one of the most important, expensive and legally binding agreements of their lives will be taken in less than the time it takes to comfortably drink a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop.Doesn't your next property purchase deserve more than a cursory glance and consideration?This book has been written to ensure that you have the opportunity to prepare for, and consider, as many of the questions connected with moving home, as possible.Protect your investment by ASKING QUESTIONS.
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