The Healthy Goat Husbandry Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to an Easy, Sustainable and Profitable Goat Farming Business (Paperback)

The Healthy Goat Husbandry Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to an Easy, Sustainable and Profitable Goat Farming Business By Woodgate Forsberg Cover Image
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From the stable of a pragmatic goat farmer, the author of Goats Are not Fools, Raising Healthy Goats, and Goat Keeping Made for You.

This is a book designed to meet the information needs of a beginner/novice looking to start up a goat business, an existing goat farmer looking to improve their productivity, and with a view of reaping maximum rewards from goat business.

The Healthy Goat Husbandry Handbook is a rescue guide that captures all potential situations that a goat farmer can encounter during the long run of the business.

This book adopts a holistic approach in the processing and maximization of the obtainable products from goats.

The Healthy Goat Husbandry Handbook provides an exclusive guide on:

  • The fundamental scope and basics of goat keeping
  • The individual and economic benefits of goat rearing
  • A comprehensive analysis on the selection of the most appropriate breed of goat that will meet your needs putting profitability in mind as well.
  • Maintaining a quality hygienic environment for your goats as well as the supply of medical kit and appropriate usage that will help you administer to emergency health issues
  • Tips to be considered when your goat is to be used to produce fiber, meat, milk, and other products.
  • Effective management of goat housing, nutrition, and care during their pregnancy and birth of kids.

The book is arranged in four basic sections to create a readable flow; the sections are explained below:

Section A: Getting familiar with goats

This section is very important and mandatory for a novice (Non-negotiable). It is essential that an existing goat farmer read through as well, as you can pick one or two points that you might not have known before now. Also, it is designed for anyone just interested in knowing about goats, at least for the fun of it.

Section B: Acclimation to the new environment

When you must have decided and finalized on keeping goats, what else do you need to do? This section will educate you on how to prepare your home/farm for goat-keeping, along with a comprehensive construction of facilities guide. Ultimately, this section handles all form of handling and care that is required.

Section C: Understanding and solving goats' health problems

The most tricky, expensive, problematic aspect of goat farming is the health aspect. Give your goat the best hay in the world; it does not guarantee a disease-free condition. This section will enlighten you on the common disease found among goats, their early symptoms, and how to handle most of them on your own.

Section D: Reproduction/Breeding, and Kidding process

This section is dedicated to breeding in goats, pregnancy and kidding process, the complications associated with kidding (birth in goat), and how to handle them.

Section E: Derivable Economic Benefits of Goats/ Optimizing Benefits for Profitability

What do you stand to gain afterward? Certainly, here is the mouth-watering part for many. This section tells you about the economic values of passionately handling goat business.

The success of a goat business is predominately determined by the owner of the goat. The Healthy Goat Husbandry Handbook is a sure bet to taking your goat business to the next level of productivity. You don't want to forget to add this to your bookshelf, right? Click on the buy button and secure a copy for yourself NOW

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ISBN: 9781704055824
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Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 30th, 2019
Pages: 348
Language: English