Hebrew Bible Summaries-The Five Books of Moses (Paperback)

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Many scholarly and academic books of translations and explanations of the Torah have been printed and made available to the English-speaking public. The intent of this book is not to serve as a translation of the text in scripture, or as a depiction of every detail mentioned in scripture, which has already been done justice to in the various works currently available. The intent of this book is to serve as a general outline and summary of the topics that are discussed in each Torah Portion together with their crucial details. Since I was a small child, I have always taken interest in the weekly Portion, as do many, and used various scholarly books that translate and explain the Portion. However, I felt that amongst all the available English and even Hebrew] literature, there is one very basic non-particularly scholarly work that is fundamentally needed, and that is a basic summary and outline of the events in the Torah. How many of us sit through the weekly Torah reading in synagogue on Shabbat but have no knowledge of its content? How many of us have sat by our Shabbat table wanting to say something over on the Portion, but can't seem to remember its content to help us choose a topic of discussion? How many of us need to prepare a Shabbat speech for our synagogue and community but can't seem to remember the topics of discussion that we can choose from. How many of us have children who need to study for a Portion test but are too overwhelmed by the amount of material required to review. Sitting and flipping through a Chumash with or without a translation, is a long and mentally tiring task, which can exhaust too much of our time and energy. How great would it be to have a general summary and outline with topics and subtopics available in front of us as a quick reference and reminder of what the Portion speaks about? Well, its finally here; an outline and summary of the entire Chumash, one Portion at a time, split in accordance to Aliyot, with an enumeration of the Mitzvot found in each Portion, the amount of verses it contains, and the weekly Haftorah. This work will help the layman and scholar alike in their preparation of the Portion, and in keeping one in tune with the Aliya just read in synagogue. This work will also help those learning their daily Chitas or Chok Leyisrael to have a quick summary of the Torah portion of that day. Last, but not least, this book will help Jews world over to fulfill one of the basic Biblical commands of Torah learning which includes an obligation to study and become an expert in the content of all of the Torah.
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