Toquchar's Prisoner (Paperback)

Toquchar's Prisoner By Stephen Austin Thorpe, Stephen Austin Thorpe (Illustrator) Cover Image
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In this young adult fantasy, Makayla and her friends, Tanner and Andrew, have no recollection of their previous visit to the World of Agartha, let alone their unfinished business there. Will a hostile action by an unrecognized man, who makes a surprise visit to Brownsville, be enough to unlock their memories or will they have to start completely from scratch knowing only the information that got them to Agartha in the first place? With the friends, and Mammoth Cave, under heavy surveillance the trio will be forced to find a new entrance to Agartha. What civilizations, beasts, and beings await the three friends in this mythological action-adventure as they try to set things right? Check out this augmented reality-enabled book

Product Details
ISBN: 9781732783522
ISBN-10: 1732783527
Publisher: Creating History, Inc.
Publication Date: April 24th, 2019
Pages: 436
Language: English