Caretaker Defiance Guide: for Thoughtful Kids (Hardcover)

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Kids: The Caretaker Defiance Guide has quite a bit of information on how this world currently works, which is great for making well-informed decisions about defying your caretakers.

You'll learn when it's OK to: go against your caretakers, let others be different from your caretakers, and see your caretakers as not very smart. You'll also learn how adults decide to become boring, unhelpful, dishonest, or bad; and how adults find meaning in your actions.

Be warned: this is an extremely challenging read, but vital if you wish to get along with others while doing minimal harm.

Parents: The Caretaker Defiance Guide is great for parents who can see how some defiance and rebellion can bring about positive changes in the world, and who view childhood as the time to use the child's excess energy and brain power to prepare for their future, as opposed to those who view childhood as a time to be ignorant, carefree, and happy. Go over some of the difficulties children may come across in a safe place before they are likely to experience it in the outside world.

Age group: thoughtful children 7-12 years old (even older or younger).

It is recommended to read them a few pages before they go to bed

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781733140515
ISBN-10: 1733140514
Publisher: Peter Keuler
Publication Date: November 22nd, 2019
Pages: 136
Language: English