Finding Everyday Magic: A Journey of Hope and Healing through Nature (Hardcover)

Finding Everyday Magic: A Journey of Hope and Healing through Nature By Anessa Arehart Cover Image
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Two red-light car collisions 53 days apart culminated in life-shattering brain damage. Despite everything working against her, artist Anessa Arehart conjured enough strength and will to rediscover hope, healing, and a path leading to self fulfillment.

With the support of loved ones, traditional and alternative practitioners, and an unwavering determination to live a beautiful life, she developed a daily "phototherapy" practice enabling her to regain lost memory function and correct vestibular disturbances in a way conventional therapy couldn't.

Mother Nature helped her embrace a mindset of acceptance and resilience while Father Time granted her patience to overcome mental chaos and physical injuries. Together, they empowered her to create a new, improved version of herself.

Finding Everyday Magic: A Journey of Hope and Healing through Nature is a lusciously colored, 220-page book that includes Anessa's personal story of recovery along with useful resources for those suffering with traumatic brain injury (TBI). The book reaches beyond brain injuries to foster healing of other unnamable traumas hidden inside each of us.

Over 520 photos capturing mindful moments and small energy shifts Anessa experienced on her road to recovery are shared in hopes they'll also bring you hope and healing.

This book will benefit traumatic brain injury survivors searching for supplementary methods of healing beyond the doctor's office and traditional therapies, but it's offerings reach well beyond TBI and can help others seeking a cure for unnamable traumas and hurt hidden inside each of us from simply being human. Practical tips and beautiful photos of "everyday magic" will connect you with nature's gentle healing energy no matter where you live or what condition you're in. Even if you are unable to leave your bed or your home, this book brings nature to you.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781735173856
ISBN-10: 1735173851
Publisher: Inner Peace Press
Publication Date: October 10th, 2021
Pages: 220
Language: English