The Ultimate Script Book For Network Marketers (Paperback)

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Discover the ultimate guide to the scripts you need most Just take a look at the table of contents and you will know you need these SCRIPTS asap. Below are just SOME of the scripts covered.

SECTION 1 Strategies

-Direct vs. Indirect

-Split testing method


SECTION 2 First interactions and Invites

-Someone you haven't spoken to in years

-First interaction with a stranger

-First interaction with family/friends

-First interaction with neighbor/coworker

-Someone with way more credibility than you

-Someone who has been in multiple network marketing businesses

-3 way groups

SECTION 3 Follow-ups

-1-3-7 formula

-24 follow up after the first invite

-24 follow up with a stranger

-24 follow up with someone more credible than you

-24 follow up with people you know

-Ghosting follow up

-Follow up for years

-How to ask for a referral

-Upsell from customer to affiliate

SECTION 4 Objections

-No money

-No time

-I don't know anyone

-I have to think about it

-Have to talk to...

-Pyramid scheme

-Feel felt found

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