The Wolf and the Butterfly: A Poetic Journey (Paperback)

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Imagine living for years questioning yourself and your sanity because you feel things that are not visible to others ...

Imagine believing that the purpose of your life is to write, yet no longer being capable of typing a simple sentence - let alone be imaginative ...

Imagine living with the conflict that loving God and having faith but fearing the present and feeling lost can bring ...

The Wolf and the Butterfly takes you beautifully through these experiences. You do not just wear the shoes of the author; you temporarily live in her skin.

Maryann was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematous and Discoid Lupus and used poetry as her outlet. After participating in many Lupus community groups, Maryann discovered that many of the poems she had written told not only of her real experiences but of others living with chronic illnesses too. She recognised that a frequent melody, "Nobody understands...not family, friends nor colleagues", was hummed within the warrior community. Realising how her writing could be purposeful, she decided to open herself up to the world by sharing her raw reflections of fears, tears, and triumphs.

The Wolf and the Butterfly is a voice for all living with chronic illness, those suffering from hair loss and pain, those who are struggling with their Christian faith in the face of being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, or indeed, any disease. It explores being black and a woman living with a skin condition, and how chronic illness can threaten these aspects of life and identity.

Described as brilliantly lyrical, tender, and impactful, The Wolf and the Butterfly is suitable for teens and adults, Christians, and non-Christians alike, warriors, those who know someone with an illness, or those who simply wish to be inspired.

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ISBN: 9781739805807
ISBN-10: 1739805801
Publisher: Cokerland Publishing
Publication Date: May 10th, 2022
Pages: 148
Language: English