Building a Teardrop: Step by Step Guide to Build Your Teardrop Trailer (Paperback)

Building a Teardrop: Step by Step Guide to Build Your Teardrop Trailer Cover Image
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Build Your Own Teardrop Trailer: Learn & Design Everything fromScratchAre you thinking to build a teardrop trailer?Doyou have no idea from where to start to build your teardrop trailer?If so, thenkeep reading

Hello Welcome to "Building a Teardrop".

The bookguides you through the journey from sketchbook to first road trip and will prepare you to design andbuild your own comfortable pull-behind teardrop Trailer. In this book, illustrations providemeasurements and construction details that are easy to adapt to variations in size and configuration.

A fun, beautifully illustrated book that will keep you reading into the night, as yourimagination wanders toward your trailer-build adventure

In this book, you willlearn how to build your own teardrop trailer cleverly as well as efficiently. Get creative and havesome fun by putting some personal touches on your own teardrop camper and enjoy more time aswell as fun in the great outdoors This book will help you through the process of designing, building, and fitting-out your own teardrop trailer.

Here's what makes this bookspecial:
  • The foundation - How to use frames, wheels & lights
  • How toinstall walls using wooden frames, add exhaust fan, metal roof, doors, windows, andfender
  • The Galley and interior - How to install wiring, insulation, cabinets, andshelves
  • The Finish - How to use a dye for the base exterior color, add a few layers ofepoxy to the finish
  • Much, much more
This guide will showstep by step instructions on how to build a teardrop trailer with instruction on how to build it even ifyou are a complete beginnersInterested?Then Scroll up, Clickon "Buy now with 1-Click", and Get Your Copy Now

Product Details
ISBN: 9781801092333
ISBN-10: 1801092338
Publisher: Charlie Creative Lab
Publication Date: October 10th, 2020
Pages: 124
Language: English