Female Well-Being: Women's well-being from puberty to menopause (Paperback)

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"What if the menopausal woman acquired new talents precisely because she was voted to live long in a state of freedom?"

This is where Robert, one of the most critical naturopaths and world experts on the subject, starts to talk to us about this crucial passage in the life of each of us: a moment that does not mark an end but the beginning of a new life, a change full of stimuli and ideas to start afresh from ourselves.

An authoritative but accessible and engaging approach sheds light on an often overlooked and still controversial topic: what menopause is.

How can we face it without losing our serenity and not get discouraged but rather to keep ourselves healthy and discover a new version of ourselves?

What inconveniences can it bring with it, and how can we best manage them?

What are the pharmacological and natural paths that medicine offers us today, and what alternatives do we have?

And what do we do if it arrives very early or is linked to specific pathologies?

On the crest of the wave is an exhaustive and updated guide, a handy tool to orient yourself in the stormy sea of menopause and ride its waves instead of being overwhelmed.

By combining the data collected in years of research with the concrete and empathic approach gained in as many years of daily practice face to face with the patients, the author helps us to understand more deeply this transition phase, to face it better: not as an end but as a new beginning, the starting point to live well and for a long time.

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ISBN: 9781801474986
ISBN-10: 1801474982
Publisher: Robert Francisco Diamond
Publication Date: January 4th, 2021
Pages: 86
Language: English